About Us

WHY ‘The Signal Box’? Located adjacent to the Puffing Billy a railway inspired building was designed. Puffing Billy provides a focus for Gembrook and is of historic and sentimental interest to all.

Unexpected delights!

Fresh crisp air, amazing rock garden,  birds you haven’t seen for a while, stoking a wood fire.
How good wine tastes when you relax! A winding path through a garden of roses and maples.


Rest, Relax, Revive!

  • Superb long distance views of the Warburton Ranges, Mount Donna Buang and Mount St Lenard.
  • Views of Gembrook horticulture and grazing properties. 
  • Landscaped garden designed by Phillip Johnson.
  • Rammed earth walls – an ambiance you may not have experienced.
  • Forest walks with map provided.
  • Pick up / delivery to Puffing Billy train station.