WHY ‘The Signal Box’? Located adjacent to the Puffing Billy line, the house has a perfect view over the railway line to the mountains. Puffing Billy provides a focus for Gembrook and is of historic and sentimental interest to all.

Environmental Design The building is of high quality, and built for aesthetic pleasure and comfort. Natural materials afford a peacefulness through the use of rammed earth walling and solid timber floors. The massive rocks viewed from the guest suites provide a sense of grounding. Double glazing ensures a quiet stay. Floor to ceiling windows allow natural light. The modern design, with rooms that are asymmetrical, provides interest.

The house has its own water supply, solar power, 7 star energy rating, FOGO composting, and veggie garden. A Type 2 EV charger is available for guests.

The Suites - Puffing Billy View has rammed earth walling, wood fire and electric heating, ensuite, queen bed, fridge, tea/coffee making, and basic utensils and crockery.

The Suites - Garden View has a small kitchenette, (no cooking), fridge, tea/coffee making, and basic utensils and crockery. The bedroom has picture windows overlooking the landscaped garden and with a queen bed.  The bathroom has a bath aa well as a shower. There's split system heating / cooling, and a dehumidifier




Unexpected delights!

Fresh crisp air, amazing rock garden,  birds you haven’t seen for a while, stoking a wood fire.
How good wine tastes when you relax! A winding path through a garden of roses and maples.


Rest, Relax, Revive!

  • Superb long distance views of the Warburton Ranges, Mount Donna Buang and Mount St Lenard.
  • Immediate views of Gembrook horticulture and grazing properties. 
  • Landscaped garden designed by Phillip Johnson.
  • Rammed earth walls – an ambiance you may not have experienced.
  • Forest walks within just 15 minutes.
  • Extensive bushwalking in Kirth Kiln Park and Bunyip State forest.
  • Picnic spots at Mortimer Reserve, Dyers  and Kirth Kiln.
  • Ancient geology exposed at Ship Rock Falls, 4 Brothers and 7 Acre rocks
  • Pick up / delivery to Puffing Billy train station or 500m walk.
  • Eastern Dandenong Trail access opposite the B&B.