Rates and Policies


Payment by phone with credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or direct credit, in advance.

Generally, full payment is made, unless the stay is weeks in advance where 50% is payable and balance in the week prior.

The Eftpos receipt is emailed to you.


ROOM RATE Price per couple 

Garden View and Puffing Billy View are the same price

Single night $290

Subsequent nights $240

Maximum stay is 2 nights unless otherwise quoted..

$30 surcharge for public holidays.

BEWARE Booking Services charge a commission which is generally on charged. Come DIRECT for the best price.


No food preparation or cooking facilities.


CC number OR $200 cash bond and full contact details must be provided before the stay. See Damages / Noise Policy below.



Signal Box owners appreciate that people generally cancel through adverse circumstances. Still, it is a small B&B so intending guests must understand the consequence to the owners, of  a cancellation.

Within 7 days of the stay date the stay fee deposit (50%) will only be refunded if the apartment can be re-booked. The stay can be deferred to another date, but if a replacement booking is not found, 50% will be retained. If the full deposit has been paid just 50% will be refunded.

FROM 01/06/2023 no Covid Cancellations will be refunded. The above policy applies.



Signal Box has some capacity to accommodate persons with disability.
Intending guests should discuss individual needs with the host on Mobile: 0407681680


Signal Box is a private house within a residential neighbourhood, the owner lives on site.

A REFUNDABLE BOND of $200 / or CC applies.

If the Bond is to be retained, the bookee will be notified in writing.

A Bond may be retained fully or in part for

  • Damage; especially dis-respectful or careless damage.
  • Leaving the B&B in an ‘unclean’ state – it is expected that you will leave the rooms in a tidy state with rubbish tied off.
  • Noise that breaches ‘reasonable standards’

For noise; Signal Box is regulated by Cardinia Shire Council and by The Environmental Protection Authority Vic.


Cardinia Shire Regulation 50 Noise states “A person must NOT Cause a noise; or knowingly allow a noise to emanate from any land owned or occupied that the person which in the opinion of an Authorised Officer is unreasonable or which would cause discomfort to other persons."


Noise can be defined as ‘unwanted sound’. What may be pleasurable sound to one person can be noise to another. Noise can cause significant impacts on health and wellbeing — especially when it disturbs sleep.

This regulation basically has a range of sources of noise that on weekdays are prohibited before 7.00 am and after 8.00 pm. For weekends the time window is much smaller especially in the morning.

For Signal Box, the neighbours may infringe noise regulations if they use a mower or other noisy equipment inappropriately.

Similarly, Signal Box guests may infringe a neighbour with any noise (music or voices) that are unreasonable and given the hour when neighbours may reasonably be sleeping.

Please take care when returning from functions to light your way with outside, sensor lights switched on prior and to be respectful that noise carries between the rocks and the buildings.

Signal Box MAY charge a refundable bond for noise assurance. This will always be refunded if there are no noise complaints. As a host, Cherie is happy to hear her guests safely return, but not to be kept awake with late night 'party' noise.

Property damage is a rare occurrence at Signal Box. Claims have been made for breaking heater glass, damage to plaster and inappropriate use of tanning lotion. In some circumstances the bond may not cover the damages. The bookee will be contacted and additional payment is expected.

If the booking is via a booking service, the damage will be reported to the Booking Service.