The rolling hills of Gembrook

Hay baling in summer

The Signal Box Bed and Breakfast lies among some of the most beautiful farms and forests of Victoria.

You can hear the cows calling their calves in the paddocks across the road. The birds are often noisy and include black and sulfur crested cockatoos, kookaburras and magpie. Even the shy butcher bird raises chicks in the water easement nearby. On windy days in summer a pair of wedge tailed eagles soars overhead. The magpies nest each year in the pine trees opposite the Signal Box. On a short walk in Spring you will easily see the clumsy magpie babies learning to fly and being very demanding to be fed. In the Signal Box garden it's a treat to see the tiny Eastern Spine bills hanging upside down to eat the nectar in the garden plants - ever wary of the wattle birds who are the bullies of the garden.